Global Relaunch

Visual Identity / Packaging

A new recipe

KitKat developed a new recipe, “Now with more milk & cocoa”. This improvement of quality had to be clearly communicated on the packaging and deliver an impactful message internationally. The hand-drawn illustrations strengthen the natural and crafty feeling carried by the choice of font.

Connecting with the audience

Friendly and dynamic, the new design drives the message into consumer’s minds with ease and was well received by consumers.

Building a flexible visual system

The scope was to design an area in which the new message would be best seen while matching the large portfolio KitKat has to offer, without undermining the impact of the brand itself. The final artwork was applied to the whole KitKat range on a global scale.

well-rounded toolkit

Alongside an image library guideline, our client subsequently asked us to create an interactive toolkit intended to set the principles of the campaign to markets worldwide.

Communicating with precision

We helped the brand communicate its new recipe on the packaging while answering their branding needs.