Liquor Connected Packaging

Visual Identity | Packaging Design

Pathing the Chihuahuan way

Participating in a packaging design competition, we explored the idea of having our own technologically connected packaging.

And what better sidekick than a bottle of aged Chihuahuan agave spirit for this design adventure. Cheers!

A mascot’s potential

Using the right tone of voice was as important to us as it is to carefully select the right agave to harvest. Mixed with a drop of humor, our dizzy-eyed Chihuahua becomes the keystone of the brand’s personality.

Unleashing our most skillful designers

Entirely drawn by hand, this stylish illustration brings out the edgy feeling we wanted for this tequila brand.

Connecting the packaging

What really brings the packaging to life is the home-cooked application. To truly understand the Chihuahuan Way, the consumer can scan the bottle and experience an immersive view in the famous Mexican Chihuahuan agave-growing desert.

Jumping into augmented reality

Using a smartphone as a reality transformer, the bottle itself appears integrated into a 360° environment where all of the Chihuahuan’s flavors brings your senses alive.

360° brand creation

From naming to executing, Chihuahuan Way is a unique and connected brand of tequila we proudly developed from the bottom up for our research.