When nostalgia sells

Using past memories is a powerful marketing strategy. It brings us back to an idealized past where life was easier and simpler. On packaging, retro artwork not only serves to express the brand’s heritage, it also helps kick up its perception of authenticity and quality.

A recent study even suggests that nostalgia makes people value money less, which in turn makes them less resistant to spending. When M&Ms ran their 75th anniversary campaign, it turned out consumers had no reluctance paying more for their favorite candies if wrapped in a retro packaging design.

Nostalgia can make consumers less resistant to spending.

Nostalgia is used to sell everything from food to beverages to toys. But there are categories for which the retro theme should not be the way to go. Think pharmaceutical and healthcare products – no one would pick up a box of aspirin if it looked like the expiration was past due by a decade.

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Text credits: ARD / agi

Images credits: Niki creations / Mars, Inc. 1986

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