Core Range Redesign

Visual Identity | Packaging Design

An iconic brand

Studenstká is one of the leading chocolate brands in the Czech Republic. After successfully working on their various ranges, we were tasked with updating the core range to better reach its ever-evolving target.

Lifting the range’s identity further

In order to complete the visual transformation of the brand, we worked in-depth to redefine the brand’s visual DNA. We then implemented the refreshed identity in the product itself by designing the chocolate mold in which it would be crafted. The cracks emerging from the logo empower the brand with a clear energetic identity while expressing the product’s unique selling point: chunky chocolate with an exclusive mix of ingredients.

Bringing flavor to the visuals

We shot all the chocolates and ingredients to achieve the result we wanted. A bold yet flavorful visual language with sharp angles and vivid colors. The torn-up textured paper used for the visuals allowed us to bring an extra layer of modernity and freshness to the range’s look and feel.

An impactful cohesion

Aiming to create a unique range that would appeal and surprise consumers, we kept the most important and recognizable elements of the brand and merged them with great care alongside this new visual recipe for commercial success.