Collector Packaging

Illustration | Packaging Design

Creating uniqueness

Ricola, a famous traditional Swiss candy brand since 1930, approached us a couple years ago to create two series of 4 exclusive collector boxes, intended for the duty-free market.

Transforming ideas into visuals

We developed 8 graphic approaches based on the brand’s values: quality, the Swiss Alps and local nature. We strived to deliver freshness and originality of the brand, in a still busy and competitive market.

Rare and unique illustrations

Rather than designing a set of boxes that belong together, we thought of these items as individuals. By designing unique illustrations for each box, we gave birth to a real passion in collector’s hearts: they want them all!

Those boxes are perfect to be kept once empty of their delicious candies.

Revisiting the Swiss icons

As Ricola is an international institution for Swiss candies with a high exportation rate, this was the perfect project to refocus and enhance what makes Switzerland unique and so attractive.

Mastering the process

Not only did we work with a large variety of mediums to craft our illustrations, but the tailormade embossing on each box allowed us to add value and details to the overall design. Each box is truly a collector’s item.

Legacy in a box

Striving to deliver the best limited-edition ever made for our client, understanding deeply the values to showcase, translating this vision into multiple high-end illustrations, this project’s scope allowed us to truly match packaging and product.