Sharing boxes Packaging

Visual Identity | Packaging Design

Friendship in a box

We were asked to design a sharing box for Ragusa. We worked on a design matching the brand’s well-established identity for each variety that would stand out on the shelf with simplicity and authenticity. We played with handmade windows and with a craft paper texture. Now more sharable, Ragusa is not only “for me” but also “for us”.

Bringing excitement

By choosing to keep and embellish some imperfections on the chocolate, we wanted to reflect authenticity and naturalness.

Send your love with Ragusa for Friends

Ragusa is synonym of good memories that you would like to share with friends. More than simply enjoying delicious chocolate, it’s an opportunity to send your love in a surprising way to your  dear ones with those designs found exclusively in duty-free.

Finding creative opportunities

Together with our client, we developed the idea of adding a “cut & send” postcard to the verso of the packaging. The consumer can then interact with the product itself as it becomes a vector of happiness and friendship.

Matching the moment

It is important for a brand to be able to communicate with its packaging during special events. We developed an illustration set for Christmas, underlining the happy times shared during festivities.

A piece of Switzerland

A nice chocolate box is a wonderful souvenir for travelers and a delicious gift for their family and friends. We designed a set of boxes especially created for international gifting.