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Naming | Visual identity | Packaging

Swiss Alps in a bottle

Fiore is a unique concept of food perfume, crafted with the finest essences from the Swiss Alps to create sophisticated food seasoning compositions, allowing this blend of flavours and aromas to take your dining experience to the next level.

Swiss Design with Fragrance Alchemy

The Fiore concept was born from the fusion of Swiss design aesthetics and the intangible charm of fragrance products. Our design approach incorporated simple geometric shapes, bold typography, and refined illustrations to capture the spirit of the scent.

Tailor-made solutions for every aspect of the project

We developed a line of customised bottles that feature a unique dropper closure system, providing a precise dosage and enhancing the brand experience. The use of finishes and elaborate embossing techniques, including nano and sculptured embossing, adds unique textures that engage both visual and tactile senses.

Sustainable savouring solution

Fiore bottles are easily refillable and made with recyclable materials for every element of the packaging. The design encourages a shift towards slow consumption, celebrating a lifestyle that values savouring moments in life, allowing one to relish dining experiences to the fullest.

Lux Pack Debut

After a creative design research and concept development phase, the project was brought to life using the latest materials and cutting-edge technologies. Unveiled for the first time at Lux Pack Monaco, it became a great result of the collaboration between our creative minds, the world’s leading packaging material producers, expert printers, and talented 3D artists.