The unboxing experience

Tiffany & Co. for some, is one of the most desired name to wear around the finger. For marketers, it’s also one of the most recognizable retail boxes of all time. Here’s a company that understood early on that the way a product is packed contributes to brand distinctiveness, and the way that product is unpacked helps forge a unique brand experience. That sense of excitement and anticipation many brides-to-be feel when presented a Tiffany’s would not be quite the same would they not go through the process – ritual even – of lifting the lid of that pretty robin’s egg blue box after having carefully untied the white satin ribbon laced around it.

Many companies consciously focus on the “unboxing experience” to influence brand association and consumer perception. Instead of standard shipping boxes, the Trunk Club, a personalized online clothing service, uses beautiful boxes designed to look like vintage trunks. The items they enclose are thoughtfully presented, a handwritten card explains personal styling tips, and loyal customers are thanked with a free gift – all in an effort to make the experience special and exclusive, as demonstrated in this video.

All in an effort to make the experience special and exclusive.

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