The rise of informative packaging design

When we think of packaging design strategies, our minds go straight to ways to “connect” with the buyer. The “persuasive packaging” strategy, with attractive visuals, harmonious colors and fonts, has proven an effective way to get there. But in today’s shifting market demands and expectations, there’s a type of packaging design strategy that’s gaining in importance – informative packaging.

Informative packaging is to facts what persuasive packaging is to emotions. The key is to provide specific information about the product. This strategy is best followed in the healthcare, pharma, and beauty industry – but increasingly so in food.

The key is to provide specific information about the product.

As mentioned in our blog before, transparency is a fast-growing trend. Packaging space needs to be allocated to list ingredients, dietary considerations, and even statements of what is not found within the contents. In food, that’s gluten, nuts, lactose, etc. But that’s no reason to eliminate the fun of packaging design. The consumer still needs to be enticed in some manner and that’s when you’ll need an agency that can make the most out of both strategies.

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