The art of discreet packaging

A lot of what makes a packaging design good is its ability to communicate on the functionality of the product that’s inside. One tactic is to place a visual of the product when in use – think sporting goods –, another is to show what the product allows the buyer to do – think color pencils. But there are also times when the best tactic is to diffuse attention away from the product.

Take toilet paper. Not exactly the kind of product you want the packaging design to expand too much on what it does, the last thing you need is shoppers walking away from your brand by fear of being embarrassed. Here the packaging artwork shouldn’t go too big on representing product functionality but rather focuses on its attributes – a discreet “soft, double-layered sheets” claim next to a big fluffy bear is enough to convey the essential.

Naming needs to be handled equally carefully.

Another product where a discreet and thoughtful packaging design is mandatory is condoms. It’s best to keep functionality out of the spotlight. And naming needs to be handled equally carefully. Due to societal stigmas – and egos –, few men would be inclined to buy a box of condoms labeled as “small.” This is the reason most condom brands have reframed their sizing standards to begin at “large” and ending at “XXL”.

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Text credits: ARD / agi

Images credits: Ruben Chamorro / Charmin

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