Sustainable packaging: three trends

Brands understand that there is value in telling their story with advertising, marketing initiatives, etc. But those brands also understand their packaging has a potential to tell a story as well. And with consumers taking more of an active stand in environmental challenges, the type of packaging brands put out there is becoming ever more important.

Here are 3 trends that give brand owners a look at how to make sustainable packaging a positive for their products and services.

Be flexible

Flexible packaging continues to grow faster than any other packaging format because of its premium branding opportunities, functionality and sustainability. Some advantages that come with flexible packaging are greater shelf appeal, minimal material usage, convenience and portability. 

Talk about your packaging.

Make it recyclable or reusable

Marketers and designers should work together to create packaging that reflects a commitment to being eco-friendly. Packaging made of recyclable materials or packaging that can be reused can help show your brand in a more responsible light.

Think e-commerce

E-commerce has created a different shopping experience where consumers not only rate the website the product is purchased from, but the packaging it comes with as well. Talk about your packaging, what it’s made with, how it’s sourced and what environmental impact it has. Your packaging has great potential to get you those shares and likes that will make your brand stand out.

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Text credits: ARD / agi

Images credits: Everlane / Package Free Shop

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