Packaging for e-commerce

We live in fast-moving times. People receive information on anything within seconds and can buy pretty much anything their hearts desire with one click. It has become evident, with the number of closures of brick-and-mortar shops and the new covid-era, that many consumers first encounter goods after they’ve made the purchase. And this changes the game for packaging.

When targeting e-commerce shoppers, we see a reshuffle from traditional marketing strategies. The aim becomes to keep consumers rather than to gain new ones. The location is now in homes rather than in stores.

Consider how you will make any returns done with ease.

But how is it done? How do brands show their personality and values without “speaking?” The secret is in the details. The way your product is packaged shows your company’s take on sustainability. If you want to convey that you value your consumers’ time and money, consider how you will make any returns done with ease. And then it comes to retaining your consumers – a clear message of how to repurchase goods should not be overlooked. This could be as easy as including information on how to set-up a user account and automatic renewals through your website.

So, in a sense, packaging for e-commerce shoppers is about storytelling and taking the time to share who you are as a brand. Since your consumers are comfortably seated behind their screen, they have more time to engage and make more meaningful connections with the companies they choose. This will lead to customer loyalty.

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Text credits: ARD / agi

Images credits: Kotimaista / A Fruitful Year

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