Making little brand fans: packaging design for kids

No matter the product, be it food, drink, beauty or health, there are opportunities to focus on the world’s littlest of consumers – children. If you’re looking to diversify your product line and have a bit of fun in the process, targeting children is one way to go.

Nothing compares to the imagination of a child, and that imagination is triggered by eyecatching colors, scents, images, stories, textures, shapes, etc. By positioning a product line towards children, a number of these triggers can be incorporated in the product’s packaging.

Nothing about water really calls to a child.

Let’s look at Evian. Nothing about water really calls to a child. However, the company partnered with Disney and suddenly their bottles came to life with children’s favorite characters. Children are reaching for water at the check-out lines rather than soda all because their sense of play has been elicited.

Many health and beauty companies have followed suit – Band-Aids illustrated with superheroes or shampoo bottles in the shapes of monsters. It’s a win-win situation. Parents are satisfied with the product and their children are eager to use it because the packaging has awakened their imagination in some way.

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Text credits: ARD / agi

Images credits: Room23 / Evian / Disney / Band-Aids

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