Influencer packaging: it’s all about trust

Trust is what makes brands grow – it attracts prospects and makes current customers loyal. But with growing skepticism towards brands, consumers increasingly turn to friends, peers and figures of authority, like celebrities, to help them guide their decisions. Brand owners know this and that’s why influencer marketing is making it on the strategic priority list. But can such endorsements be translated onto the packaging touch point?

Healthcare has traditionally been the industry where recommendations are used. Most consumers don’t question a product that has the seal of approval by medical professionals. Think Colgate. It advertises as being the #1 toothpaste recommended by dentists, and that alone is enough to convince more than a few buyers. Incidentally healthcare is also the industry with the strictest regulations when it comes to advertising and packaging design.

Trust is what makes brands grow.

But this has not deterred creative brands from using recommendations to build trust through relevant perceptions. With their “created by a school teacher” tagline, Airborne, an immune support supplement brand, saw a way to stand out in the sea of over the counter vitamins. Who is going to argue about staying germ-free with someone surrounded by millions of germs at any given moment? It comes down to trust, authenticity and the influence of those with status.

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Text credits: ARD / agi

Images credits: Colgate / Airborne

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