Driving value with connectivity

Just a few years ago, connectivity was the future. Today it’s everywhere – and it’s even expected to be everywhere. But how can brands incorporate connectivity into their products?

Connectivity is where the physical and digital worlds collide. Business drivers range from supply chain efficiency – think track and trace – to product functionality and consumer experience. American restaurants Taco Bell took a big step in the latter when it released an app allowing patrons to change their faces into taco heads. Such consumer engagement tricks and games are great tools to increase reach and raise brand awareness. But it loses momentum fast – and misses an opportunity to build value in the long run.

Increase reach and raise brand awareness.

What it really comes down to is whether your connected concept will contribute to making consumers lives more efficient. Canary, a security company, combines video, audio, motion detection, and night vision to let you control your home’s temperature, lighting, and air quality with just a few taps on the phone – doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in the living room or vacationing on a different continent. Smart devices not only make lives more efficient, they transform them. In agriculture, for example, connected sensors can now transmit data about soil moisture and nutrients, giving farmers real-time information and personalized management recommendations.

Smart devices not only make lives more efficient, they transform them.

But what about connected packaging? While we’ve already pointed out a few examples in a previous blog post, its potential is still largely untapped. Hesitant brands might soon fall behind more aggressive competitors. Packaging is the one touch point every one of your consumers comes into contact with – contact us today to see how we can make your brand more relevant in a changing world.

Text credits: ARD / agi

Images credits: Dacom.farm / Canary

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