Coca-Cola “Life” – confusing ?

Ten years after the launch of Coke ‘Zero’, the Coca-Cola Company is introducing Coca-Cola ‘Life’, a low calorie version from stevia extract. The name is short, memorable and easy to say in a majority of the world’s languages. However it might prove inconvenient and downright confusing.

In many markets, Coca-Cola markets its ‘Diet’ variety as ‘Light’. And yes, ‘Light’ and ‘Life’ are dangerously similar in pronunciation. Try ordering a ‘Life’ in a noisy concert venue, chances are you will get a ‘Light’. At least the packaging clearly sets the green ‘Life’ apart from the gray ‘Light’. You might have better luck getting what you want if you order the ‘green Coke’!

Text credits: ARD / agi

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