Branding: a little logo goes a long way

A logo is not a brand. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have one of the most important roles when it comes to expressing the brand’s identity and positioning. Because it goes out with every one of your marketing materials, the logo is the face of your brand. It makes it stand out, builds your reputation, and helps you connect with your audience.

But what makes a logo a good logo?

We sometimes hear that if a logo can’t be drawn from memory, it’s a bad one. American custom signage firm has recently conducted an interesting memory test, asking a sizable amount of people to draw famous logos as accurately as possible. As it turns out, it’s a difficult task to do without any visual aids – only 20 percent were able to produce a near-perfect rendition of Apple’s super simple logo. Before shooting for clear, straightforward logos, marketers should gauge the logo’s ability to convey the brand’s values and personality.

Take Lindt, for example. Although a top-of-mind brand, chocolate lovers around the world would be hard-pressed to reproduce the logo’s cursive wordmark from memory – let alone details of the coat of arms. In all its intricacy, the Lindt logo manages to create brand differentiation by conveying heritage, authenticity, and premium taste.

If logos serve brands well, dynamic logos serve them even better.

If logos serve brands well, dynamic logos serve them even better. Dynamic logos can evolve into different forms and styles, giving brand owners the flexibility to make a range of impressions on potential customers. For the most famous example of such logos, look at the homepage of your search engine – with dozens of variations coming out every month, Google’s logo can recreate itself to suit the context it finds itself in. Dynamic logos are especially popular with brands that have a strong digital presence, like Zürich Tourism. Its “Zürich, Switzerland” logo is fluid enough to adapt to whatever is being promoted – sightseeing, events, culture, etc. – while keeping clear and concise, much like the city’s clockwork efficiency.

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Text credits: ARD / agi

Images credits: Google / Janine Rewell / Signs

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