Brand Personality: Why It Matters

Brand personality is about leveraging your brand’s characteristics to connect with your audience. It’s a fundamental element to bring to the strategy table and a key driver to make your brand more distinctive, meaningful, and competitive.

Building a brand today is not exactly the same as it was fifteen years ago. Back then, some brands would be well off with just looks, like a nice logo, crisp imagery, or pretty packaging. But today, consumers are different – and they expect more. They want their brands to trigger emotions and drive engagement. In short, they want brand personalities they can connect with.

Consumers want brand personalities they can connect with.

Here are 3 big-name examples to help understand the role brand personality plays in today’s marketplace.


When you think of Coke, chances are associations of happiness come to mind. Coke has made it their mission to create and refresh memory structures evoking that particular feeling. No matter if it’s Christmas day or summer break, the brand’s advertising and communication consistently recruit characteristics associated with happiness. This shows a carefree, fun-loving personality, and primes the audience to enjoy the moment with a Coke.


Rolex evokes exclusivity. Throughout the entire brand experience, the Swiss brand displays characteristics of status, wealth, and success – if you own a Rolex, you’ve achieved something. This members-only brand personality pulls into focus the role of the brand and what it says about the customer. Rolex might sell wrist watches, but it tells far more than just the time of the day.


Nike is the epitome of an inspirational brand – it gets its audience to go out and do things. This winning mentality comes through in everything the brand does, from its innovation to its branding. Nike exhibits this kind of coach personality that’s encouraging and challenging, holding its audience accountable for their success or their failure.

If you’re thinking of strategies to make your brand stand out from competition, you’ll need a good design but not only. It’s key to understand your brand personality and leverage it to connect with your audience on a human level. At ARD, we’re everyday creative to make your brand a success story. Let’s discuss your project today.

Text credits: ARD / agi

Images credits: Bax Towner / Rolex

At ARD, we’re everyday creative to make your brand a success story.
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