Is the future of packaging finishes an ecological one?

In an ever so rapid evolving industry, Brands are strongly focused on using sustainable materials when it comes to finishes and being as ecological as possible regarding the packaging process.

When it comes to creating the final and essential touches to packaging design, various finishing techniques can be used, which have been known to be environmentally unfriendly. The question which for a while has emerged in the industry, is if it is possible to use shiny eye-catching finishes whilst being ecological? The answer is yes.

Companies should not have to compromise between design and ecology.

Where sustainability meets design

Some brands have opted for the option of leaving their packaging design-free to promote their company sustainability values. As much as this is a daring and disruptive tactic, the design on a package is the opportunity for a brand to express its DNA, to stand out and catch the consumers attention. And companies should not have to compromise between design and ecology. Some organizations have answered this need with new inventions such as the Recosys process from Leonhard Kurz.

How ecology is becoming a trend in the field of embellishment

Alternative methods have been rising regarding embellishment to be more ecological. More and more we can find brands using natural components or completely replacing plastic when it comes to embroidery for example or targeting to reduce their carbon footprint during the production phase. It is an ongoing topic, where various new techniques to be more ecological are continuously created.

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Text credits: ARD / ibu

Images credits: Kurz

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