Kit Kat – Making a Case for Shape

There won’t be any trademark protection for the Kit Kat shape in the UK. The British High Court ruled a few weeks ago against Kit Kat’s manufacturer Nestlé in the long-running battle opposing it to confectionery rival Cadbury. The shape of the four-fingered candy bar is just “not distinctive enough” to warrant a trademark, the judge presiding over the case concluded.


Holiday Packaging Done Right

It is definitely that time of year again. From the streets and storefronts that shine bright, to the tunes that lull the radio waves, to the packaging of the foods we’re about to eat our fill of -- Christmas is around the corner, loud and clear. Year after year we wait for this time to be transported to another world – a world of wonder, magic and joy. And to fully get into the holiday spirit, we buy the marked-up limited edition Christmas M&Ms pack and find ourselves reaching for that more expensive grocery bag with the cute reindeer design on it.


How to Kill Brands (And Bring Others to Life)

Competing on the shelf is tough. And for parity products like breakfast cereal that go after similar segments, it’s even tougher. That’s why packaging design is really the last and the most critical influencer on the buying decision continuum. Miss that opportunity to showcase your unique value or benefit – be it ingredients, flavor or price - and your consumers will likely reach for a more relevant option. Even your mascot’s engaging stare might not be enough to persuade them.


Effective Brand Communication – It Starts with the Color

What’s the name of the orange airline? How about the red cola? And the blue one? If you are asked to think about a purple chocolate bar, what brand comes to mind? Because our brains process it faster than any other visual information, color is an essential element of brand communication. Those of you contemplating corporate identities or packaging design, this post is for you.


When Water is not Just Water: The Branding of Commodity Products

I recently took my team out to the local restaurant to celebrate the win of an exceptionally difficult pitch. We are regulars there so we usually all get the business menu. When one of the teammates ordered her beverage, I was amused she settled for tea after the waiter told her he didn’t carry her brand of water. “Doesn’t water taste the same no matter what brand it is?” I asked. She replied in the most serious tone, “No, I just can’t drink anything other than Evian.”


Coca-Cola ‘Life’ – Confusing?

Ten years after the launch of Coke ‘Zero’, the Coca-Cola Company is introducing Coca-Cola ‘Life’, a low calorie version from stevia extract. The name is short, memorable and easy to say in a majority of the world’s languages. However it might prove inconvenient and downright confusing.



The findings of a recent study led by Cornell University suggest that cereal box spokes-characters who make eye contact with consumers have a higher incidence of improving brand trust and brand connection thus influencing choice. And sales.

Gender crossover – beer for women

Brands that have traditionally been directed at a male audience are now launching various alternatives intended for women. And vice versa. This is especially evident in the cosmetic industry, think of Axe.


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