Maggi Les Papillotes

Full relaunch of this range of cooking kits.

The packaging contains a bag with spices for cooking meat or fish in the oven.

The renovation of this range is based on an important photographic work. The aim is to communicate the matchless quality of the flavours of each recipe, while strengthening the promise of the product: ‘tender and juicy’.

The quality of the herbs is attested by a natural visual representation and the palatability of the juice is renforced by a dish made of glass allowing optimum visibility.

The architecture of the packaging is clearly distinguishes the varieties, each with its own composition of ingredients and striking colour code.

  • Client: Nestlé France

  • Service: Visual Identity / Packaging Design / Photography
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  • Maggi Les Papillotes
  • Maggi Les Papillotes
  • Maggi Les Papillotes