Kasperskian Caviar Traditional

Creation of the visual identity of the Kasperskian company and its products.

From the logo to the communication material all the way through the labeling, ARD was entrusted with the creation of the entire visual identity of the swiss based company Kasperskian and its range of products including Caviar Traditional.

The main challenge in this project was to effectively communicate the concept of luxury while adding a modern and unique dimension to this classic product.

The final artwork was applied not only to the labels but also all other communication elements such as brochures, displays or corporate images intended for the website.

  • Client: Kasperskian

  • Service: Brand Strategy / Visual Identity / Packaging Design / Photography
Other works
  • Kasperskian Caviar Traditional
  • Kasperskian Caviar Traditional
  • Kasperskian Caviar Traditional