Thomy Premium Range

Thomy’s Brand is the most popular brand for mustards in Switzerland. To get off the rails, our client mandated us to create a new range based on unexpected, premium ingredients. Packed in aluminum tube, the range includes four different varieties.

Our task was to differentiate them from the standard mustards (strong, mild, semi-mild) by bringing originality and modernity to the range while keeping the brand’s attributes. We decided to exploit the raw metallic substrate used for the manufacturing of the tube and add a matte texture to it. Despite technical challenges in terms of printing, this solution allowed the products to distinguish themselves in the eyes of the brands’ aficionados and attract new customers.

The originality of the packs is thus related to the originality of its contents.

  • Client: Nestlé Suisse

  • Service: Visual Identity / Packaging Design
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  • Thomy Premium Range
  • Thomy Premium Range
  • Thomy Premium Range