Blévita Pure

Blévita is one of the most appreciated cereal-crackers brand in Central Europa, Switzerland. It is synonymous of nature walks, sportive break or snacking with the family.

Our client mandated us to create a new line to extend the brand Blévita to the growing market of healthy whole grain snacks. The range “Pure” was created.

Our main objectives were to express this new product positioning through a 100% natural look & feel. To achieve this, we used a kraft-paper packaging substrate and emphasis the key ingredients of the product, spelt wheat ears. The range has been adapted in three different flavors: Plain, Alps herbs and Chili.

In the shelves, consumers will have no doubts about the particularities of this sub-range, which clearly stands out from the conventional varieties of the brand.

  • Client: Midor

  • Service: Visual Identity / Packaging Design
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