Our most important strength lies with our team of people. Without them, there are just empty chairs and computer screens. Client-centric creativity fuels our work. Our combined staff of international brand strategists, designers, photographers, food stylists, brand namers, and marketers ensures that creativity is channelled towards your commercial objective.

Adèle Francey (Vevey)
  • Adèle Francey

Annick Bähler (Vevey)
  • Annick Bähler

Adrian Dryja (Zürich)
  • Adrian Dryja

Alexandre Guignard (Vevey)
  • Alexandre Guignard

Alexia Armbruster (Vevey)
  • Alexia Armbruster

Anne Hirschi (Vevey)
  • Anne Hirschi

Carolin Rainer (Zürich)
  • Carolin Rainer

Dylan Abt (Vevey)
  • Dylan Abt

Elsa Bersier (Vevey)
  • Elsa Bersier

Esther Colin-Benz (Vevey)
  • Esther Colin-Benz

Flavia Yoshiura (Vevey)
  • Flavia Yoshiura

Géraldine Bloch (Zürich)
  • Géraldine Bloch

Keith Kesselring (Vevey)
  • Keith Kesselring

Linda Bischofberger (Zürich)
  • Linda Bischofberger

Marcelo Morard (Vevey)
  • Marcelo Morard

Micael Rochat (Vevey)
  • Micael Rochat

Nadine Karrer (Zürich)
  • Nadine Karrer

Nadine Meier (Zürich)
  • Nadine Meier

Pascal Vogel (Vevey)
  • Pascal Vogel

Regula Ballan (Vevey)
  • Regula Ballan

Roli Misteli (Zürich)
  • Roli Misteli

Silvija Graf Coric (Vevey)
  • Silvija Graf Coric

Steve Pierrehumbert (Vevey)
  • Steve Pierrehumbert

Sylvain Marsat (Vevey)
  • Sylvain Marsat

Tamara Binder (Zürich)
  • Tamara Binder

Tatjana Tomovski (Zürich)
  • Tatjana Tomovski

Vincent Guignard (Vevey)
  • Vincent Guignard