Origo Detox

Creation of the brand and label design.

This cold pressed juice made from uncooked fruits and vegetables follows the trend of “Raw Food”. Our agency has been mandated to create the visual identity of the brand taking inspiration from the 100% organic statement and the ultra-freshness of the product. Origo’s personality is expressed through a strong yet natural stamped logotype combined with two leaves representing the brand’s values of transparency and balance.

The challenge in the creation of the labels also laid in the differentiation of the numerous flavors. The design plays with the contrast of the natural paper labels and the colors of the different blends, numbered from N° 1 to 8. A super healthy range full of minerals, antioxidants and all kinds of vitamins!

  • Client: Swiss Juicers

  • Service: Visual Identity / Packaging Design
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  • Origo Detox
  • Origo Detox